With the new guidelines set at ThemeForest and the continuous feedback from our users and the WordPress community, our job at ThemeFusion for the next 8-10 week is to make Avada a better theme.

Our primary goal with Avada 4.0 is to re-code it from scratch and follow the best practices and guidelines set by ThemeForest and WordPress community.

We are not going to kill features or stop adding new features for our users but we are going to change how we offer them.

Our goal is to change Avada into a neat framework to build upon for both general theme users and developers.

I’ll be making follow-up posts about Avada 4.0 and what I learn during the recode process which I hope ┬ácan be helpful to other theme authors who are looking to make such changes.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to post a comment or send me a tweet about it. You can follow me at @mharis on twitter.